Friday, November 26, 2010

Shopping and Decorating!

Okay so I of course had to go shopping this morning, it's black Friday after all! My husband and I actually went late last night, and then I went again this morning! Oh the joys of shopping! I got these awesome 3 in 1 cake stands as wedding gifts (they cost 9.99$ and then I got an additional 20% off, so they came to $7.99 plus tax! How awesome is that!

I got some cute and simple long sleeve shirts for me and kids, just need to do some simple embellishments and then I'll post pics!
Last night my husband and I went to Toys R Us and got this way fun, cute and awesome little sofa for the boys! They absolutely LOVE it! (will post pics of this soon too, since I accidentally deleted the pics I took...darn it!)
But here's a quick picture of the boys having fun playing with the wrapping paper I got today:

Now to the decorating...we got the tree up today!!! So excited! My favorite decor though is the mantle display, we'll hopefully get that done tomorrow and I can show you why I love it SO much!

and MERRY CHRISTMAS! I love this time of year, it just feels so magical!!!

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