Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mummy Cans and Candy Bouquets

For the Mummy Cans you start with some empty cans (I just used vegetable cans and removed the paper), some muslin, tacky glue and some googly eyes.
I didn't really picture the next part, but you're doing to want to tear your muslin into strips, then tie the strips together. Once you've done this you'll put a bit of glue on the can and press the end of the strip down.
Then wrap it all around the can until it looks "mummified" enough for you, cut it off and place a dab of glue on the end. Tuck the glued end under one of pieces that's wrapped around the can so that you can't see the end.
Lastly, figure out where on the can you want your eyes, the back of this can ended up have more sticking out so I did it on this side. You put two dabs of glue where you want the eyes, press the eyes on and voila! You have a cute mummy that probably cost you about 25 cents or less to make.
Now to the Candy Bouquet - these are way more fun with Christmas colors, but they are still fun for fall! For the first party I bought a 3 inch pot, 4 inch Styrofoam ball and a 25 oz bag (the $5 bag at target) of mini candies. I already had toothpicks and a few glue sticks. You hot glue all the toothpicks to the end of the candy wrapper. Hot glue the ball into the pot, then press all the tooth-picked candy into the ball. I used the whole bag of chocolates.
This is the part I forgot to buy when I went out for the other stuff, you also need a spool of thick wired ribbon, I used a whole spool, it was 3 feet of ribbon. You'll also need floral picks, they look like big green toothpicks with wire on one end (Michaels has them with their floral and Styrofoam stuff). You cut the ribbon into strips and scrunch the ends together, then wrap the wired end of the floral pick around it to make it stay. Then press all the ribbon picks into the Styrofoam around the candy.
To finish it, tie a ribbon onto the pot and voila, a cute candy bouquet! I had to hot glue the ribbon onto the pot to get it to stay. I only used about 3 small glue sticks for the whole thing!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful fall!!! It's crazy to think that Christmas is just around the corner, I really need to get started on Christmas projects!!!