Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 6 of the weeklong craft night tutorials: Snowman Can!

I have actually done a post on these already too :) They are very simple to make, and pretty fast! A few years back we made a bunch of these as gifts. If you buy the big 10 inch cans from the cannery you can even make them out of those! We did! But that means you have to fill it with a lot more goodies! So it's up to you what size can you want to do. I"ll have some regular vegetable size cans available for use, but if you want larger cans then bring your own. It costs about 75 cents per can.
All you need is:
red felt
white felt
orange felt
some black buttons for the eyes
some black fabric paint for the eyebrow and mouth
some cute strips of christmas fabric
and a little bit of leaf/berries.
(I'll have all of these supplies for you to make them)
*you can even put a little bit of pink chalk for rosy cheeks*
Just hot glue it all to a can and voila! A cute and creative Christmas gift! Then you can take them home and fill them with whatever Christmas goodies you want. Or you can use them as a decoration - we do!

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