Saturday, July 30, 2011

My new Desk! Whoot Whoot!

This morning while searching craigslist I found this adorable desk! I'm in love with it! I"d like to change out the hardware and re-stain it because the top has some scratches that I need to sand down. This baby cost 25$ and it's solid oak! No particle board, yipee!!! I can't wait to get it into my craft room!!! (this is the picture off of the craigslist add).

Friday, July 29, 2011

Check it out!!!

So last Christmas I got this awesome cutter - it's the GO Fabric Cutter by Accu Quilt. I used it like crazy to make some rag quilts and haven't used it for anything else. So when a friend of mine posted about a quilt she had seen....

Made with THIS die cut....
I was SO excited! A die cut that can be used for the WHOLE quilt! You don't even have to cut other pieces!!!! That is SUPER exciting to me! I've never really made a quilt before but have always wanted to! Anyways, about this die cut, my wonderful amazing husband let me buy it today!!! Yipee!!! You know what I'll be doing tonight????? I'll be cutting me some quilt pieces and hopefully I'll get it sewn next week! I'll make sure to take pictures to show ya! Can't wait! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Oh...on another note! I totally scored this week on toys at Target, they clearanced out a bunch of toys, 75% off! Needless to say, I'm done with Christmas and birthday's for my kids! Some of the Targets in town still have stuff so I suggest gettin over there and checkin it out! You can save a bunch!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Go Baby Cutter...Go enter :)

Aunt Polly's Porch is hosting this awesome giveaway! I just entered, it would be SO fun to win! I love this machine! I've used the Accu Go Quilt cutter and it's so easy to use! This is even better because it's smaller and easier to carry around! Love this! Go enter!

Monday, July 18, 2011 it!!!

I had a 50$ gift certificate that I bought on groupon in march for 20$, so I decided to finally buy something for the house! I am so excited I did because I absolutely LOVE it! It adds SO much to our kitchen! I ended up spending 70$ and bought some other fun vinyl stuff that I'm sure i"ll be showing in the future, but until then, I just wanted to share this because I think it turned out so great! Still need to figure out what to put on the shelf above it, but that's another project :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Boys Room so far...

Originally the boys had their own room when we first moved in, but when we were working on painting our bedroom we moved the boys into the same room so that we could use one to sleep in. But we love it this way so now we have a guest room :)
We are hoping to have bunk beds made by Christmas for the boys. But until then we're leaving the little guy in his crib :) Still need to do something with the walls, but that's another project! Oh, and on a fun note, the quilt that's on the twin bed, bought it for 15$ at Target a year or two ago, it was 75% off! Love a deal!
This bookshelf is my favorite part! It has almost all of their toys on it! So now I'm not stepping on toys anymore! The boys know that before they go to bed they have to pick everything up and put it back on the shelf :) Love this!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Few Things Hung!

I was able to go to Hobby Lobby for the FIRST time ever last was pretty much amazing! I had so much fun and I found these awesome wall hangings (they're made out of metal), one says "Action" the other says "Motion Picture". The wall need more on it since it's such a big wall, but now there's something. Eventually we want to get a bigger flat screen, and get a family picture in black and white in front of a movie set or something movie ish to hang in between the two hangings.
We hung up this plaque that my friend Aimee made us a few years back, it's the first thing you see walking into the house, the walkway under it leads to the kitchen and family room.
This is my FAVORITE, it's also metal, it says "Get Kisses from the Misses when you do the dishes". I bought it 3 years ago hoping I'd have a place to hang it, and alas...I do! Yipee! Eventually we plan to put some little curtains up, this is right over the sink in the kitchen!
The hubby and I bought this right before we moved to Tucson 4 years ago, we got it at Deseret book and thought it was super cute. It says "Once in a while, in an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale". I think it looks perfect here! Still working on finishing the chalkboard/magnetic cubbies, can't wait till they're done!
Still a lot to do, but we're making progress!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Handmade Gift Exchange - 4th of July Placemats!

I participated in Craftaholics Anonymous' Handmade Gift Exchange, it was SO fun! I decided to make something new, I've never made place mats before, I've never really "quilted" anything before. So this was TOTALLY new for me! I love it though, I think it turned out pretty cute, I would love these...which, I still want to make me some for next year!
Here's a pic of the two I sent my Exchange buddy! I sure hope she likes them!
My Exchange buddy sent me the cutest little "USA" blocks, and two super cute hand towels with an "F" hand stitched on! I loved it!!! I'll have to take a picture this week so I can show you!

I was able to sew a table runner for me last weekend, basically two days before 4th of July, but hey, I used it for the weekend!
Here's a close up of the back, which is my favorite fabric, luckily I had just enough for the back!


I found a set of 6 dining room chairs (for 50$) on craigslist back in May and have been wanting to reupholster them ever since! It finally happened last weekend! I through a surprise party for my husband and wanted to get a bunch of stuff done before everyone came over, so my amazing parents came over and spent a day helping me get stuff done! I cut out all the fabric and foam for the seats and my dad reupholstered them for me! He spent about 6 hours working on them, he's amazing!
We have two (above) with arms, and then 4 without (below), we didn't do anything to the wood, it's in great condition (besides a few scratches that we can sand later if we want). The chairs were made in 1981, so the seats were 30 years old...and gross. Forgot to take a before pic, sorry!
Here's a close up of the fabric, it looks amazing with our paint colors!Now we just need to build our table!!!! But we have a few other projects to do first :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Curses...that's my way of a bad word :) Okay, so I have all these FUN pictures to show you and I can't find the USB cord to get the pics off of my camera!!! This is terrible! Hopefully I can find it today, I made 2 cute 4th of July Placemats for a craft exchange that I did. Then I sewed a 4th of July Table runner so that I have something festive. I got some super cute blocks and hand towels from this craft exchange that are SO adorable! I got some pictures up in my house and I re arranged the kids room and guest room...and yet, I can't show you...tear! Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to soon!!! Oh, and we painted our bedroom and had carpet put in...which is why I can't find anything. Hope everyone is having a spectacular 4th of July Weekend!!!