Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day One for my Craft Night Tutorials: Pajama Pants!

This is officially day 1 of the wonderful craft night tutorials, this is going to be a fun week, it's so exciting to know what I'm actually going to be blogging about rather than trying to figure something out everyday. Plus I am SOOO excited for the craft night, it'll be SO much fun! I hope everyone that wants to come can make it!!! Alrighty, well enough jabbering and onto the PJ's!
Step 1 - You want to find a pair of pants, they don't have to be pajamas, but you want a pair that fits your child perfectly! I chose a pair of pj's that fit Brycen great. Then you fold them in half and lay them onto your fabric, this is how you're going to measure how much you need:

You'll want to cut about an inch around it and then about 2 inches on top so that you can fold it under for the elastic (but we'll go into that later):

Remember to have cut 2 layers of the above! Then you do it again. So you'll have 4 pieces total because you have the front and back of each leg:

Now you need the sewing machine! You'll want to flip your 2 pant legs inside out and sew all the way down the straight side, then sew from the bottom of the leg to the crotch (about where the corners touch) on both legs:

Now here's the confusing part - it's really easy once you get it, but the first time it's slightly confusing (at least for me because sewing is pretty taboo for me, everything I make is a new and exciting adventure). So you'll want to leave one pant leg inside out, but turn one right side out. Then slip the right side out piece into the inside out piece like so:

Then you'll want to sew from one side of the top to the other, remember you want the right sides in touching:

So you just sewed the two pant legs together, go you (if you're making these of course)! Then pull the one leg out and taduh, you have pants...almost:

You have two more steps to finish them! You want to turn the bottoms in about 1/2 inch, and sew around it so that the bottom of the pants is hemed, like so:

Lastly - the waist band! Since my son is asleep I measured the elastic by his pants, I placed the elastic loosly around his pants and cut it the same size:

Then you sew the two ends together with a zig zag stitch:

Okay, this REALLY is the last step!!! You place the circle of elastic into the top of the pants and fold the fabric over it, then you just sew right under the elastic (DO NOT sew over the elastic or it wont scrunch!):

As you go you can scrunch it up so that you can sew all of the fabric down:

and VOILA! You have a super cute pair of pajamas pants! Who needs to go to the store to buy them when you can whip them together in about 20 minutes!!! I got my boys in bed at 7, sat down at 7:10 and started cutting the fabric out, and was done sewing all of it by 7:35 (it took an extra 5 minutes because I was talking to my sister on the phone and searching for where I put my elastic). I know this might seem kind of confusing but I promise that if you come to the craft night I'll help you make a pair and then you'll be a pro! Once you've made them you know how! It's SO easy!

Oh and now you know how much fabric you'll need! Just measure the length of the pants you want to make but add 2 inches to the top, 1 inch to the bottom and 1 inch to each side and that will tell you how much you need. If you still have questions just shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment :) Hope everybody has had a WONDERFUL Sunday!


  1. Hey Cassie these are cute! I don't know if you knew this but I used to make my whole family pajama bottoms every Christmas. I have several different size patters all of which have no seam on the out side so it saves you a step and makes it so much quicker. If you want to use the pattern I can scrounge around my mothers house and find it for you. I think it also uses less fabric as well. Just thought you might be interested.

  2. These have me excited! Reading the previous posted comment, it did occur to me if you cut by the fold on the straight side then you also could do it the same way, but save some stitching. Just a thought. Again, I am so excited for this!!

  3. When I first made these I cut along the fold so that I didn't have to sew it :) I made these out of a pair of pj's I attempted for Robert so I couldn't cut along the fold. Thank you for the pointers though :) Haley, I have some patterns but I have NO idea how to read patterns, so if you could help me that would be great :)