Monday, November 22, 2010

FINALLY...I made me a Menu Plate :)

I found this cute, simple plate at Pier 1 Imports on friday, it was in the clearance section, it was originally 5$ each but I got 4 of them for .98 cents each! They are not super fancy or colorful, but I figure they can go with just about any kitchen! They are not full size dinner plates, they are more like lunch size plates, but that was okay with me since I don't plan to add all the days of the week. So now I have one for me and 3 to use as gifts! Plus, with both Robert and I in school I try to make gifts as inexpensive as possible! So here is how I made it:

I used a crayola washable marker to mark off the edges (the marker rubs right off), you can use a ruler to mark off how much of an edge you want on it, then tape it!

All taped up and ready to be painted! You want painters tape!

This was the second coat of paint, I went ahead and did one more coat just to make sure the edges got done. I also did my coats before it had completely dried, not sure if that's such a great idea, but they seemed to turn out great, so I don't see why it would be a problem :)

So here is my Menu Plate :) I love it! I think it is just the right size, and I like the idea of just writing one day at a time instead of a whole week, since anytime I write a whole week I am always changing it day by day.

Almost all of my plates had a few spots where the paint had seeped under the tape, this was probably the worst. But don't worry if this happens! I just used my finger nail to scratch it off. Once I had scratched it off you couldn't even tell it had happened :)

Here are the 4 I got done last night :) Now I am just about done with Christmas, I have all my Christmas shopping done except for a few frames that I plan to pick up friday, I just need to finish making some of them.

I just need to get the vinyl for the last 3 plates :)

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