Friday, November 5, 2010

75% off Halloween Fun at Target!

Just wanted to leave a quick post, I found some WAY fun and cheap stuff at Target today! I absolutely love Target after any holiday, they have so many fun things for inexpensive! Ever since Halloween Decorations have been out both of my boys have LOVED all of the dancing/singing animals that have been at all the stores. Well when we went to Target this morning they had a 'Boogie Dancing Frankenstein' 75% off! Since it was originally $16.99, which is WAY out of my budget I couldn't get one, but for $4.24 I was able to splurge and get on for my boys! They absolutely LOVE it, they were dancing like crazy to it! It'll be fun to pull it out again next year! Here's our little Frankenstein that sings Monster Mash!

I also found 4 children's books that where 75% off:

A cute little Halloween sign I can hang on the wall next year, it cost $1.50:

Some fun party favors for Brycen and Cooper's Halloween Party next year, they cost a dollar for anywhere from 30-100, so my cousin and I split them so they only cost 50 cents per favor since I really doubt i'll have more than 15 kids here next year :) I got stickers, bubbles, party bags, bat rings, mini puzzles(these cost $1.50), eye patches, and pencils (I spent about $6 on all of it and I can make 15 favor bags):

I found these cute little plates (they are plastic) for 50 cents each! They will make fun cookie plates to give to friends next year! I got 4 pumpkin plates and 1 spider web ($2.50):

And lastly, a candy bowl, it was originally $12.99, which I would never pay, I got it for $3.24! Which I think is awesome, my kids love these! So it will be fun to have one next year!

I also got 2 pumpkin pez dispensers for my kids that cost 49 cents, Brycen had fun with it when we got home! We went to 4 different Targets and then to Costco, it was a fun day! Long, but fun! We were able to find a bunch of costumes for really cheap at all the targets! I found 7 costumes for my sister (for her kids), 2 of which cost $5, 2 cost $3 and 2 cost $1.75, so I think that is an awesome price! I ended up spending about 30$ and I now have some fun stuff for next year! We finished off the day with Orange chicken and rice for dinner, great day!

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