Wednesday, November 3, 2010


**See link to the right to go to Swag bucks! I have already 10$ to and I've only been using it for a month!

Okay, so this may not seem that exciting but it IS!!! I just got a case of diapers for $22.64!!! The case normally costs around 40-45$, so I am so excited to be able to save that much money on diapers! How did I do it you ask? Well, all you have to do is go to:
You just click on the button that says you're a mom and then voila, you get 15% off your order of diapers and wipes. Then if you click the "subscribe and save" button (which, if you have a kid in diapers they're normally in diapers for 2 years or more, so you can easily subscribe to get them regularly) and you get another 15% off your order. That's 30% off diapers and wipes! Plus if you need to change anything or cancel the subscription it's super easy just go to your account and cancel it! No harm done! I was a bit nervous about it at first, I thought, are they going to charge me to do this, but no, they don't! How awesome is that! You get a discount just for being a parent, grandparents, aunt or uncle! 30% off brought the diapers to $27.64, then I had a 5$ gift certificate for that I got through this website:
You sign up to this site and just do your searches through it and you get points! The points add up and then you can exchange them for gift certificates to various places! It's not the best search engine, but you could type in or It takes a few extra seconds, but you get points doing this and then you get free money! You can get points upto 4 times a day (at least that's the most I have ever gotten). They also have daily polls that you can get an extra point every day for doing and other things to help you gain extra points. It takes me about 2-2 1/2 weeks to get enough points for a 5$ gift certificate! The case of diapers I bought will last about 2 months, so if i'm able to get a 5$ gift certificate every 2 weeks then that's 20$ every 2 months and I'd only have to pay the $7.64 for the diapers! Which is AWESOME! Diapers are such a huge expense so it is always nice to get them cheaper! Hope this helps!

If you have any questions about any of this just leave me a comment and i'll answer away :) Have a fun night!
OH! And the diapers are delivered right to your door, with FREE 2 day shipping!!!

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