Thursday, November 11, 2010

A little bit of everything :)

Okay, so I just wanted to say that i'm not the most computer savvy person, but i'm working on it :) I finally got a list of all the fun craft blogs I love looking at posted on the side bar so anyone is welcome to look at all the fun blogs and get fun ideas - which is what I do, I'm not very creative, I just see what other people make and try to make it myself, I get most of my ideas from these wonderful blogs!
On another note, 2 or 3 weeks ago I posted about getting a FREE canvas print, all you do is pay shipping! I ended up ordering 2, I ordered one under my name and one under my husbands name and I have been waiting to take a picture until I got them up on the wall. So I finally got the one of my two boys up:

(sorry the picture isn't the greatest, I am not very camera savvy either :) I couldn't figure out how to turn off the flash so it kept creating a glare on the canvas) The canvas is absolutely wonderful, I love them! They turned out amazing and all I paid was shipping ($17.95, and then $6.99 to upgrade to an 11x14 canvas $24.94 total) Which I think is a pretty good deal for an 11x14 canvas, I don't even have to frame it!
On another note, last week I got a coupon code in my e-mail from and for a free 8x8 hard cover photo book from I was able to order one for my mother in law for Christmas and order another one for my grandpa for his birthday next week! If anyone received any of these coupon codes you should definitely use them, the books are SO cute!!! All you pay is shipping, which for me came to 8.21 for shipping and tax. Pretty good for a photo book! The quality was awesome! I would totally share the code but it was a one time use code, so be on the look out for free codes in your e-mail from various companies! I think that because of the holiday season there are several companies trying to create more business by giving away free items.
Also I received my christmas cards in the mail yesterday that I ordered last week and they are super cute! If you are interested in ordering christmas cards remember to use and you can get 20 cards for $1.99, they are super cute and this is the cheapest I've seen any 4x8 photo cards so far!
**oh and you can still get a free canvas if you go to

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