Thursday, October 4, 2012

Craft tutorials for a friend...

 Hello Kitty Necklace, I set the glass tile over the printed image and traced it (pen or pencil works great).
then I use the glaze and squirted a little bit onto the tile, then I used the tip of the glaze bottle to swirl the glaze around the tile somewhat evenly.

 I then placed the tile over the image, glaze side down. I pressed it smoothly, some of the glaze may come out the sides, that's ok, you can use your finger to wipe it off and once you're done making it and it's all dry you can take a wet cloth to the glass to clean off any remaining residue. I used scissors to trim any paper that wasn't covered by the tile. Then you take the cement glue and glue the bail onto the back.

 Then thread the necklace through the bail and voila, you have a cute hello kitty necklace for your little girl!

 For the fabric pens, just start at the tip with a few dabs of hot glue, I actually dab a strip of the hot glue all the way up one side of the pen as I wrap the fabric around. When I get to the end I just do an extra dot of hot glue for the overlap of fabric. Then take your flower and hot glue it on. For the instructions of how to make the flowers click HERE. Hope this helps, I'll take some pictures later with how the pen looks with the flower, but this should allow you to make the two crafts :)