Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am super excited about my advent calendar...I was a sucker and ordered one on ebay because I didn't want one as big as the pattern I found on the site that I mentioned in the last post. So in the advent calendar, I plan on putting two little pieces of candy each day and a little piece of laminated paper with one of the below activities. I can't wait till Thursday to start!!!
-make homemade caramel
-make a candy train
-go see Santa Claus
-have a picnic by the Christmas Tree
-Red/Green night - only serve food in these colors for a night
-decorate the Christmas Tree
-make a Gingerbread house
-drive around looking at Christmas Lights
-wrap Christmas presents
-go Christmas Caroling - then go home for yummy cookies and hot cocoa
-make Christmas Cards
-write a letter to Santa
-make candy molds
-make a paper chain
-make footprint snowmen
-string popcorn
-PJ night! everybody get a new pair of PJ's
-host or go to a kids Christmas party
-make snowmen out of marshmallows
-make caramel corn and watch a Christmas movie
-Read some fun Christmas books
-make snowmen pancakes
-take a meal to a family who's sick or needy
-make a Christmas gift for someone else
-make edible snowflakes
-make snowflakes out of paper to hang
-make sugar cone trees
-make Christmas cookies
-read the Christmas story
-make pine cone ornaments
-make Christmas Pizzas
These are all just ideas, we aren't doing all of them, but definitely most of them! Most of them are free and a few cost a small amount of money. Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Holidays :)

Okay, just so everyone knows, I haven't dropped off the face of the planet! Life has just been crazy and I haven't had the energy to be craft, but Thanks Giving is 2 days away and Christmas is nearly upon us. Which means...lots of crafting must me done! I have lots of projects I'm getting supplies for this weekend and then I'm sure I"ll be posting lots of fun things! Plus I'll have a camera by then too! Mine sorta bit the dust - too many falls in the rocks, concrete and brick, surprised it lasted 4 years!
Now to the main reason I'm posting - I have been dying to make an advent Calendar by December first for my kiddos, I grew up with one and I loved it, it's one of my favorite Christmas traditions. But trying to cut out all the little pieces for the pockets has been making me crazy, so in all my searching today - I was about to just buy one - but alas, I found this AMAZING tutorial/pattern!!! You should totally check it out!!! I'm planning on making square pockets instead of ornaments, but I love that it has a print out for all the cute little characters that go on the pockets! So I will have mine posted by next week!!!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!