Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hot Pink and Black!

What could be better than Hot Pink and Black!!! I found these AWESOME shoes at Rue 21, when I was in Kingman 3 weeks ago! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I went shopping with 2 of my sister in laws and my mother in law and we found these spectacular shoes (can you tell I like them)!!! The best part is...they were only 7$!!! I think that's a smokin deal for a gorgeous pair of heels!!!
Now the sad part...I sprained my ankle the day we got back from Kingman, so I can't wear them yet!!! How awful is that! It puts too much pressure on my foot to wear heels currently, so I'm hoping that a month from now I should be able to wear them! Now I just need to find the PERFECT outfit for them :)
Another reason I love these SO much is because I NEVER wear heels like this anymore. I used to have a collection - okay maybe not that huge of a collection, but I thought it was - I used to have 20-30 pairs of gorgeous heels when I was in high school! I LOVED heels back then (my mom's comment to these shoes "those are gorgeous" then she reminded me of all the "beautiful heels" I had back in high school that I "threw away", I really donated them)! But then I got married, and I love my husband dearly, but he isn't all that tall, so I got rid of all my heels so that I wouldn't be taller than him. Now I've realized that I don't care if I'm taller than him sometimes, so I am going to get me a great pair of heels every now and then and I promise to share a pic each time I do! It'll probably be a while before I get me another pair!
On a funny note, my Mother In Law and Sister in Law called these bedroom shoes ;) Since they are lacy like lingerie!

Craftaholics Anonymous - Go enter her Giveaways!

**Giveaways end Monday Feb. 21rst - Now go enter!**

I love Craftaholics Anonymous, and all this week they are having giveaways! So if you're interested you should go enter! Here's a list of the giveaways:

The Ruffled Begonia Giveaway - click HERE to enter!
-you could win a super cute nursing cover or an adorable ruffled bag (I love the bag)!

Pocket full of Posies Giveaway - click HERE to enter!
- meal planning done for you, how awesome is that!

Inner Hooker Giveaway - click HERE to enter!
- you can win some awesome patterns here!

Lora Elizabeth Giveaway - click HERE to enter!
- awesome stamped jewelry!

The Ribbon Retreat
Giveaway - click HERE to enter!
- I'm REALLY excited about this one - The Ribbon Retreat has some AWESOME stuff!

Flapper Fashions Giveaway - click HERE to enter!
- win a pair of fun red flapper gloves!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pearl Leaf Earrings - SO cute! Great price too!!!

GroopDealz has an AWESOME deal today! It's for these SUPER cute earrings:
They are only 6$ each with 2$ shipping! I am really considering ordering a pair for my mom and sister, it's such a great price and they are so cute!
To buy, click HERE!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Valentines Day to Me!

Whoo Hoo!!! I won a giveaway for a 15$ Scentsy Credit! How awesome is that! So my hubby just let me order this:

I won it from:
Go check them out, they have some wonderful ideas!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Holiday Candy Jar :)

I am planning on giving this jar to my hubby, I filled it with one of his favorites! Peanut M&M's! I'm going to make another one for my Boys filled with regular M&M's! I used a whole bag to fill up each pint jar! I think it turned out pretty cute! Plus I can reuse them for every holiday, all I have to do is change the ribbon and candy, then write a new saying on the chalkboard vinyl!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chocolate Roses :)

I wrapped them in 3 and 6 stem bunches! They'll be so fun to hand out for Valentines Day, who wouldn't love some chocolate roses! They're cheaper than real roses AND you can eat them! Yum!!!

Here's a close up of the rose bud (two kises with the bottoms touching, wrapped in red cellophane, then I used green floral tape to wrap it onto a wooden kabob skewer thing).

I wrapped the stems in white tulle because I have over 100 yards of it and am trying to come up with ways of using it :)

Click Here for the tutorial that I used to make them, they were super easy, and turned out so cute!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Purse size!

I LOVE the button! So this little pouch is to put in my purse for whenever I need something for the kiddos, this way I have it on hand :)

Here's the inside:

Here's with the goodies inside:

I put in it a pack of tissues (my sons freaks when he needs a tissue, so it's meltdown central if we don't have any), chocolate (this makes all of us happy), chapstick (i'm always losing mine), some note cards (I am always needing these when I don't have them). I plan to add bandaids (they always make Brycen happy when ever he falls or something).
I got the idea here!