Saturday, November 13, 2010

Accuquilt Go Cutter

Last year for Christmas I decided to make rag quilts for my boys, my husband, my niece and my brother. The one for my husband was 10 yards of fabric, and the one for my brother and boys were 8 yards of fabric. They took FOREVER to make because I cut out all the squares by hand with a pair of scissors, sewed them, them sniped all the edges all over it. In fact, I was so smart, that decided to smash my leg into an open pair of scissors and had to glue it shut with crazy glue because I refused to go to urgent care. So, after I finished all those blankets, my hands were super sore and I wasn't sure I'd be making anymore for a while. Then Christmas morning comes along and there's this big gift under the tree for me, so I was VERY surprised to find an Accuquilt Go Cutter with a bunch of die cuts, one being a rag quilt die cut. My wonderful husband and amazing father had found this for me! So no more snipping and cutting rag quilts for me anymore, I just run it through the roller and voila, perfectly cut rag squares! This is what it looks like in case you've never heard of them (which I hadn't before I received the wonderful thing)

So all day today, in between playing with the kiddos, I've been cutting rag quilt squares, I've gotten 17 yards cut so far and I have about 6 more yards to cut until I"m all done with all the flannel I bought to make blankets this past year. To use the cutter, you start with a die cut(this is the rag quilt one):

Then you lay 2-4 layers of fabric on the die cut and lay this clear cutting mat over it like so:

Then you just roll it through and you have perfectly cut squares! They have all types of die cuts, so you are not limited to just different sizes of squares, they hearts, butterflies, circles, strips etc.

I ended up with this bin of squares that I will be able to have fun sewing this week!

The fun part is that this week as I show all the fun craft projects I'm doing at my craft night I'll also show one or two of the quilts I've gotten done. I have enough fabric to make 9, so hopefully I"ll be able to get them all done this week! So look forward to tomorrow, I"ll be showing how to make the super easy and super fun pajama pants!
**If anyone plans on buying one of these, you can get them through JoAnn's and you can use a coupon on them!!! So that saves some big bucks! I'm hoping to buy the larger rag quilt die cut on black Friday, since they normally have extra coupons then!


  1. So, it looks like it but I'm not sure. Does it fringe it for you too? Do you not have to clip it when you're done sewing thing blanket together? If so, I might have to get me one of those!

  2. No clipping at all! How awesome is that!!! I'll post pics of how they look once sewed later this week!

  3. I have a Go! Cutter too and absolutely love it! My favorite has got to be the 2 1/2" strip one. It makes for some fast quilt cuts!