Monday, January 17, 2011

Target Deals! *added a few pics :)

I found some great little things are Target this year after Christmas! I absolutely LOVE target!
I grabbed two Wilton 12 Cavity Boy Cookie Pans, they look like so much fun and I got them for $2.48 each (75% off), my camera is down stairs, but I will post a pic of it tonight :)

I got some Christmas window clings for 19 cents each for next year (they were in the 90% off Christmas stuff)

Some wrapping paper for 29 cents and 49 cents.

A "Happy Holidays" Banner for 29 cents.

2 place mats for 39 cents each (I posted a pic of the tool belt I made with one of them on Friday)

I found a few little car Lego things for 39 cents...whoot whoot, stocking stuffers for sure!

Oh and I succumbed to buying something for 50% off because I've always wanted one but am never willing to pay 6$ (it's normally 12$) for it, but I went ahead and bought myself a holiday door mat! I think it's super cute!

I found a few other odds and ends for next Christmas that will be fun to pull out, I've actually packed most of it up already...go me (I still have a ton of other stuff to box up though)

Target really didn't have very much stuff left (that was 75% off) when I went but I did find a few things :) Which is awesome! Go ahead and stop by target this week, who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and find something! I did! Just walk around all of Target, because sometimes people leave things through out the store that you might find!
I grabbed this Toy Story Game that you hook up to the TV for $12.48 instead of $50, there is no way I'd ever pay that much for a game! I'm actually planning on letting the boys give it to Robert for his birthday because he loves these kind of games with the boys :)

I also snagged this Train set over a week ago, It'll be great for the kiddos! It's a 120 piece wooden train set, originally $40 and I grabbed it for $9.98

I also picked up the game Zippity (it's a leap frog interactive learning game) at target for $19.98 it said it was originally $80. The hubby was with me when we got this and he thought it might be fun for Brycen for Christmas or his Birthday!
Plus I grabbed a Chuck and Friends Car set for $7.48 instead of $30 for Cooper.

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  1. I hit this in Jan. too, looked this July (it's still happening if you need more) but wasn't too thrilled. Not that I needed anything. I scored enough 75% off toys for all the bdays and Christmas and unexpected gifts. I got the same cookie pan thingy and train set (which rocks!).

    If I ever get to move back to the fabulous AZ, we'd be trouble together, I just know it. ;)