Wednesday, January 12, 2011 - love it all!

Okay, so I follow, and she posted yesterday about this amazing craft table she made! It was gorgeous! I totally want to make one in the future! But she got the idea from, I have never even heard of this site, but apparently she is very popular! She has all these great tutorials! My wonderful husband and I plan to make a bunch of the stuff once we get our own place, from bed's to tables to bookshelves! There are SO many fun things! One of the first things we'll be making is the farmhouse table and the bunk beds! I can not wait till we have our own place, it'll be SO much fun to make our own furniture! Bring on 2011! I definitely plan to learn some wood working this year!

Oh, and if you haven't seen before, you should definitely check it out! The tutorials make it so just about anyone can make the furniture!

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  1. Love Ana-White. We've made her bookshelves and I am always drooling over her other stuff. I want to make a farmhouse bed so bad!