Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Guest Basket - Toiletries

Over a year ago we stayed at our friends house, she is super crafty (here's her blog if you're interested -! She had this cute little box full of different soaps in her bathroom. I thought it was SO cute! So I decided last summer that it would be fun to have a basket full of toiletries for guests when they come! I swear I always forget something whenever I go visit anyone. So I tried to think of everything someone might forget or want while visiting, so here I have a basket full of bathroom goodies! It includes:
4 different types of deoderants (secret, dove, axe and suave)
4 different shampoos and conditions (pantene, garnier fructis, johnson's shampoo, head and shoulders, and a suave kids)
a foof (the puffy thing, don't know what it's called)
4 body washes (axe, caress, dove and olay)
4 lotions (jergens, johnson and johnson's, eucerin and bath and body works)
Clean and Clear face wash
St. Ives Apricot Scrub
3 toothpastes (kid's crest, colgate and ProNamel)
2 brand new Carmex's
Herbal Essences hair gel
Shaving Cream (girls and guys)
a compact brush/mirror
hair mousse
scope mouthwash
Dove Soap (forgot to throw it in the basket)

I had some toothbrushes but we used them on our trip last week, so I'll be replacing those Friday when I go to target! I'd also like to throw in some razors (I always forget those) I found all these awesome things in the dollar travel section at Target! The basket I got at JoAnn's on sale last summer! I think it's so fun to pick out everything you want!
*Another perk is that when you go on vacation you have a stash to pick from! Plus, there's been once or twice when I've run out of face wash or shampoo and I just grab it out of here then replace it!

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