Monday, January 31, 2011

Notes Vinyl!

Back in November or December I ordered this super cute "Notes and Scroll" vinyl. I kept forgetting to pick up a white plate whenever I went to Walmart so the vinyl has been sitting in my drawer ever since. But! I finally remembered!!!! Woot Woot! I picked up a plate Saturday while I was at Walmart and this morning my little monkey boy woke me up early, so I figured I should do something before the other little monkey wakes up! So here is the pic of how the plate turned out:

-my little monkey was holding the marker up as I was taking the picture-
You can order the vinyl here, just scroll down a little and you'll see the exact same plate with vinyl!

It would make a wonderful gift idea! The plate cost $3.96, and the vinyl was $4! Pretty much any dry erase marker will work!

Here's a pic of my adorable little monkey trying to help! Both my boys LOVE "helping"!

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