Monday, January 10, 2011

Safeway Sales - go tomorrow!

Okay, so I just got back from Safeway and I spent $22 and someod cents. Here is what I bought:

18 boxes of betty crocker fruit snacks - gushers, fruit roll ups and fruit by the foot (.99 cents each if you buy 4 or more, if you print out the .50 cents off two boxes coupon, safeway doubles it so you get them for .49 cents per box)

3 bottles of Wishbone Italian Dressing (.99 cents each with safeway coupon from their ad)

8 can's of Progresso Soup (.75 cents each with coupons, .99 cents without - still great price)

2 can's of diced green chilies (.89 cents each)

2 bags of white beans ($1.06 each)

I think I did a pretty awesome job! You can too! Just print out coupons for the fruit snacks online, I found coupons at,, and - some of the sites let you print out 2. There is a coupon for the Italian Dressing in the Safeway ad, I told the lady at checkout and she found it for me since I forgot my ad at home. I had 2 coupons for the progresso soup that I cut from the sunday paper last sunday - you might be able to find some online - I don't know, but if not the can's are only 99 cents each! Plus, when you check out they print out a 2$ or 3$ off you next purchase coupon from the fruit snacks, the coupon though can be used on anything, it's like free money!

Just wanted to share! Now get your bums over to safeway tomorrow before the sale ends! I'm sure they have other stuff on sale too! Even if you don't need the fruit snacks they are great to share when your kids have friends over, or for birthday party favors or for lunch's - even the hubby likes them!

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