Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Busy Busy Busy! *added pics :)

Okay, so I thought I'd be a little less busy this month, but nope! Anyways, I have actually done some thing this week! Promise! Let's see:

-Went through all the boys toys, and have a box to donate - YAY!

-Got 3 baby blankets sewn, only 2 more to go till I have all the fabric I cut up and pieced together in Novemeber, or maybe it was October, done :) The 3 I was able to get done are for my little boy, and my 2 new nephews that will be arriving this weekend!
Here's Cooper's Blanket:

The Blankets for the 2 cuties on the way:

-I am working on another little thing for my Brother - father to be - that I will post pics of tomorrow night!

-Got the fabric I need for a cute little mommy bag thing, don't know what to call it exactly, but I"m excited to make it!

-Almost have my craft night ideas narrowed down :) This is really exciting because I am struggling with what to do!!! So I think I know...finally!!! Hopefully I'll get the invites out next week!! So excited!

**I'll post pics tomorrow of the blankets!

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