Thursday, October 28, 2010

Seeds and Jars, Yum!

2 weeks ago my sister and I bought 10 pie pumpkins to can, last week was crazy so yesterday I figured I better get them canned. It took 4 hours and lots of mishaps with little ones but I finally for 6 of the 10 pumpkins canned, I canned 7 Quarts. Maybe tomorrow I'll get the other 4 done :) I was able to save a bunch of the seeds so I washed them and laid them on the cookie sheet and let them dry overnight. So then today I drizzled butter over them and Brycen doused them with salt and we baked them. YUM! Just to let you know the pumpkin looks pretty gross canned, but hopefully it'll taste super yummy! I'll try making a pie with it next week! Here's the pics!

Here's the site I used for the how to can pumpkin:

The seeds turned out super yummy, my jaw is sore from eating so many :)

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  1. Let me know how your pie turns out. I'm hoping to get a pressure canner for Christmas and I'm definitely interested in canning pumpkin next year!