Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Complete Halloween Awesomeness!!!

Okay, so maybe it's not that awesome, but I think it is, especially since I've never made something like this before! I saw this here:
So yesterday afternoon Brycen and I plus my three nephews went in search of branches/sticks. Which, if you have lived in Southern AZ you know that finding sticks is not that easy because there are no trees, just big bushes. We were able to find all of these in the wash, it was actually really fun scavenging for them! This morning Brycen and I went to Walmart in search of some black spray paint! And...we found some, for a dollar!!! Which is really exciting!
When we got home we cut out a round piece of card board with a hole in the center, hot glued on the branches then painted it black! I love it!

I threw on some spider rings :) to make it more fun! I think it looks VERY halloweeny!

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