Monday, October 4, 2010

Almost Free Bookmarks :)

While looking at peoples blogs over the last month I found these super cute bookmarks/tags idea from here:

All you need for these are some empty cereal boxes or similar cardboard, you spray the shiny side with chalkboard paint (which is only $3.64 at the walmart here) and then glue some pieces of scrapbook paper you have lying around on the other side. Punch and hole through it and tie a ribbon :) Easy peezie!

The awesome part is that you can use them as book marks, which, if you're like me anytime I find something to mark where I'm reading it disappears before I even finish the book. So now I have a large supply of them! Plus I could throw them in my hubby's lunch and write "I love you" on the chalkboard side, or something cute and sweet to him! Or I can use them on gifts as tags, for example - I could write "Boo" on a small one and attach it to this halloween pop top can I've made and give it as a fun gift!

For these pop top cans all you need is a can that has a pop top and a regular bottom (see pics):
This bottom works

this bottom is rounded - it wont work

See the difference:

The reason you need a rounded bottom is so that you can open it with a smooth open can opener. Then after you clean it out, glue on some scrapbook paper you can put some candy in it and hot glue the bottom back on. Super easy and cute!

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