Sunday, October 3, 2010

Home Goods versus Dollar Store!

I've been in Home Goods once before and wasn't big on it, but I didn't really look at anything that closely. So as I was walking by it yesterday I thought maybe they'd have some cheap plates and bowls. Lucky for me they did! I found this super cute plate and bowl! All you need to make a super cute cake stand are these 3 items:
A plate (cost me $2 at Home Goods)

A bowl (cost me 2$ at Home Goods)

and some glue (costs $1.00 at Walmart - I had enough glue to make 3 cake stands with this one tube!)

Turns into this super cute cake stand! It cost $4.33 total, compared to the 30$ or more cake stands you see at stores. I don't think I could have found one this cute even for $30, I love it. In fact, my mom and dad love it too, so maybe I'll give it to them for Christmas :)

While I was at the dollar store this past week I found this plate and bowl for a dollar each!

and Voila! $2.33 for a simple cake stand! If you want to make it extra special you could even get some vinyl that says "Santa's Cookies" or "Happy Halloween" then make some yummy cookies to put on it and it's a great gift for a friend or neighbor!

I got the idea from my friend! Check out her and her sister's craft blog:
They have some really fun and cute ideas!

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