Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saving a Shirt!

My wonderful husband went out Saturday morning in search of some flannel shirts that we could cut up and use as patches on his pants for his scarecrow costume. He came home with these two adorable shirts:

They were size 18 months (which is perfect for Cooper), I looked at them and was like, no way am I cutting these up, they're TOO cute! So I figured out a way to save them! See how the dark brown one is short sleeved, well it was originally long sleeved! I cut off the sleeves and was able to get a patch from each sleeve! After I cut it off I turned it under just barely and sewed around it in brown thread:

Then voila! An adorable little shirt that I didn't have to chop! I can't wait to put it on him!

Sorry I didn't get a pic of the jeans, but they turned out great!


  1. Those are cute shirts and I don't blame you for not chopping them up! Good job.