Saturday, July 2, 2011


Curses...that's my way of a bad word :) Okay, so I have all these FUN pictures to show you and I can't find the USB cord to get the pics off of my camera!!! This is terrible! Hopefully I can find it today, I made 2 cute 4th of July Placemats for a craft exchange that I did. Then I sewed a 4th of July Table runner so that I have something festive. I got some super cute blocks and hand towels from this craft exchange that are SO adorable! I got some pictures up in my house and I re arranged the kids room and guest room...and yet, I can't show you...tear! Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to soon!!! Oh, and we painted our bedroom and had carpet put in...which is why I can't find anything. Hope everyone is having a spectacular 4th of July Weekend!!!

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  1. I hope you find your camera soon! You'll have to tell me more about this craft exchange. Sounds really fun! I can't wait to see all the stuff you've done.