Monday, July 11, 2011

The Boys Room so far...

Originally the boys had their own room when we first moved in, but when we were working on painting our bedroom we moved the boys into the same room so that we could use one to sleep in. But we love it this way so now we have a guest room :)
We are hoping to have bunk beds made by Christmas for the boys. But until then we're leaving the little guy in his crib :) Still need to do something with the walls, but that's another project! Oh, and on a fun note, the quilt that's on the twin bed, bought it for 15$ at Target a year or two ago, it was 75% off! Love a deal!
This bookshelf is my favorite part! It has almost all of their toys on it! So now I'm not stepping on toys anymore! The boys know that before they go to bed they have to pick everything up and put it back on the shelf :) Love this!

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