Saturday, July 9, 2011


I found a set of 6 dining room chairs (for 50$) on craigslist back in May and have been wanting to reupholster them ever since! It finally happened last weekend! I through a surprise party for my husband and wanted to get a bunch of stuff done before everyone came over, so my amazing parents came over and spent a day helping me get stuff done! I cut out all the fabric and foam for the seats and my dad reupholstered them for me! He spent about 6 hours working on them, he's amazing!
We have two (above) with arms, and then 4 without (below), we didn't do anything to the wood, it's in great condition (besides a few scratches that we can sand later if we want). The chairs were made in 1981, so the seats were 30 years old...and gross. Forgot to take a before pic, sorry!
Here's a close up of the fabric, it looks amazing with our paint colors!Now we just need to build our table!!!! But we have a few other projects to do first :)


  1. Awesome chairs! Sometimes I wish I could borrow your dad for a few days... :) We loved coming to visit the other day. We'll have to do it again soon!

  2. They look great! I love finding something that you can totally repurpose and it turns out beautiful! Great job!

  3. Ha! The word verification for that last comment was..."dablog" Guess it is official and you have DA-blog!!

  4. haha, that's hilarious! Thanks :) I love the chairs!