Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Summer Wreath - at least that's what my hubby says!

My hubby calls it a summer wreath! I love the look of the burlap! I've never made anything with burlap before so this was REALLY fun to make! I wish I'd have more flowers to put on it, but it's all good, it still looks cute :)
Up close of the flowers and burlap!
I bought the wreath at the dollar store, bought a yard of green burlap at JoAnn's for 3$, and the flowers at JoAnns for 97 cents, they were clearanced. So total cost was about 5$. I think it turned out pretty fun! It's just fun to experiment with new things! I wrapped the whole wreath in strips of green burlap(I hot glued it on), then I cut the rest of the burlap into squares, folded the squares into 4 and snipped the tips, then hot glued it onto the wreath. I'll show pictures of how I did it later. I found the tutorial on another blog but I can't remember which one it was, they made it back in January in red for Valentines day. I saw it and loved it! So I'm hoping I can find that tutorial! Hope everyone has a fantastic day!


  1. that turned out really pretty, I haven't done one yet, I still have my v-day wreath up. I can't wait to change it for spring and summer, yay warmer weather, well, not that it gets cold here but summer.

  2. I've never seen burlap in any color than brown/tan. Love your wreath. It makes me almost like burlap... :)

  3. Thanks Maria :)

    Amanda - I was never a big burlap person, but when I saw the tutorial for this wreath I totally fell in love with it! I bought red burlap for the wreath, but I never got it done in time for V-Day, so I went back and bought green burlap for a springy one :)