Friday, March 4, 2011

Much Needed Pants :)

Brycen is growing up so fast! So he was in need of some Lounge Pants (okay, pretty much PJ pants)! So while I was picking out the pillowcase fabric I picked up a yard in a half of some puppy paw fabric so that I could make my boys some cute little pants for around the house! So yesterday I got them sewed up! Here are Brycen's (ignore the fact that his shirt doesn't match) -

The spazz refused to stand still :)

*Oh, and on a side note, the Pillowcases I made earlier this week are actually going to be saved for Christmas. I'm trying to do one thing a month for Christmas so then come December I wont have a bunch of gifts to buy! I'll actually be able to enjoy it! I bought a bunch of stuff in January for the boys when all the Christmas toys were clearanced at Target - Last year they also clearanced a bunch of toys at the end of July, so keep a look out for some great gift ideas!

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