Friday, March 18, 2011

15 hours later and...

We now have 35 quarts of canned Black Beans! Was definitely a learning experience! I had a 25 pound bag of black beans, spent an hour or so sorting through them Wednesday afternoon. They fit into 2 big pots, so then I added the water to soak them over night and I ended up with 5 big pots of black beans! Yipes! Did not realize how much beans expand!!! It was great to finally get them canned though :)

There were 2 jars that didn't seal so they are in the fridge!

More canning to come, this next week all I'll be doing is canning! I'm picking up 80 lbs of chicken tomorrow morning (50-60 of which I'll can), then Tuesday I'm picking up a bucket of red raspberry puree and a box of blueberries...yum!
I'll be sure to post pics! If anyone has a great recipe for Raspberry freezer jam please share :)


  1. You're impressive! I think I would have it with canning after 35 quarts of beans! Good luck getting everything else done quickly. If you want a good Raspberry freezer jam recipe, grab a bag of the Ball Freezer Jam Pectin and follow the recipe on the back. We LOVE it! I usually pick it up at Fry's or Walmart. Can't wait to see how many jars of chicken you end up with! :)

  2. Oh, and if you want a yummy recipe for blueberry lime jam, I've got one that you'll love! Or at least, I do. :)

  3. Holy cow! you just won my heart with that much canning. oh and Amanda is pretty in the know with canning and has great recipes. That is alot of beans and soon to be alot of chicken. good luck!