Monday, December 13, 2010

Killing Time at JoAnn's...So NOT a good idea :)

This afternoon my boys and I were waiting to meet my mom in town (we live 30 minutes away from all the shops, so it's pointless to run home and go back), we had 45 minutes to kill. So we went around the whole store looking for fun stuff! Future projects will definitely be coming from this trip! I found this super cute apron:

I saw it and was like "SWEET, now I don't have to make an apron for Brycen". Brycen modeled it for me, I asked him if he knew what it was for and he told me "to make food with":

It was $5.99, more than I wanted to spend, but it's pretty cute and I've been so busy that I don't even have time to make one, so this will have to do for now :)
I bought these fun christmas prints and hope to make a christmas table runner for next year...yes, I said next year :) There is no way I"ll get it done before Christmas so it will have to wait till next year. But I hope to make it in January or February:

I bought 2 other print too, so I'll have to figure out which ones go together and then go from there :)
I also bought a bunch of different colors of felt, I already have black, red, orange and white; So i added to my collection:

I"m hoping to make some finger puppets for my boys next week with it! Hoping being the key word!
Okay, so I had a little party for the kiddos last thursday and here are the pics of the crafts that they did:
The classic Reindeer Candy Canes, Brycen thought they were pretty cool!

The kids decorated Santa's face with cotton balls to create his beard:

Pinecone ornaments! The best part was the glitter!

I made some patchwork ornament over the weekend and started some yarn ornaments, but I gave the patchwork ones away as a gift, BUT I am planning on making a bunch more for more gifts, so I should have some done by tomorrow and then I can post a picture :) Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

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