Sunday, December 26, 2010

Broken to Cute - Toddler Rocking Chair :)

My wonderful and amazing father was driving down the street the other day when he drove by this broken kids rocking chair. He came home and didn't think anything of it. He mentioned it to me and I was like "Heck yes!", so he and my husband went back up the street and snagged it :) the front dowel that connects the two legs was missing and one of the legs had fallen out. So he went to work on it. He found a scrap dowel and stained it, glued the leg back into the chair. Clamped it, then screwed the dowel into place to make sure it was sturdy :) The seat has a spot on it, but it is a nice little chair! I plan to make a cushion for it next week so that you can't see the spot on the seat.

Here's the spot on the seat:

The front piece that my dad stained and screwed in:

I didn't take a before picture, sorry! But can I just say I am so lucky to have such a great dad! The boys love it! We gave it to them for Christmas, both boys LOVE it!
Here's Cooper going through his stocking with my Dad while sitting in it:

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

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