Friday, December 3, 2010

Dollar Store Goodies!

For Brycen's little Christmas Party this year I was trying to spend under 15$ for the 3 activities that the kiddos get to make and some small goody bags for them to take home. So I came up with these goodies for the goody bags! I figure they don't need much, so while I was at the dollar store I found these little tiny goody bags, some chocolate santa's, sixlets and foam stickers:

So it $7 for the goodies, but they turned out super cute!

Here's what the inside of the bag looks like:

I put 3 Sixlets in each baggy, a chocolate santa and a handful of stickers.
The little activities they get to make are Reindeer Candy Canes (which cost $1.88 to make 12, I already had the pipe cleaners for the antlers and I got the eyes and nose for .99 cents each at michaels, and then the candy canes were .88 cents at walmart). Then I'm going to print a picture of santa and let the kiddos decorate his face with Cotton Balls (they cost 2$ for 2 bags), and then they get to make pine cone ornaments (I bought glitter for them to decorate, $1.50 with a coupon, and the pine cones were free, and I have extra ribbon they can use to hang their pine cones). So the total comes to about 13$ plus tax! And I have enough stuff for a Christmas party of 12 kids! How great is that!

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