Thursday, December 23, 2010

"I'm Bored" blocks!

For my nephews this year I wanted to give them something creative and fun. I found these cute blocks on "Say it on the Wall" vinyl company a while back and was so excited to make them for my nephews. Almost every time they come over they say "I'm bored", so hopefully this will help!

Now I just need to get together all the fun stuff that they can do and put it in a bin for them. Some of the ideas include: making play dough sculptures (need to make play dough), make a puppet show (i'm going to include some fun stuff for paper bag puppets), read a 1 chapter of a book (i'm going to throw in a few books), make paper airplanes (i'll include paper) anyways, you get the idea, it's a bunch of fun ideas for them to do. They just roll the blocks like dice to see what they are supposed to do :) If you want the full list of what's on the blocks just leave a message with your e-mail and I"ll send it to you :) Merry Christmas!


  1. Those look really fun. What size are the blocks? 4x4?

  2. They are about 2x2, I had Robert trim it down from a 4x4 - he was SO excited...he kept saying he was going to lose a finger, it turned out being pretty easy :)