Monday, April 8, 2013

Super Yummy and Inexpensive Ice Cream Cake!

 On Easter we celebrated my grandmothers, sister in laws and my baby girl's birthdays! It was SUPER fun! I love that I have such a wonderful relationship with all of family. Anyways, back to the reason for this post. Several years ago my bought an ice cream cost ALOT and it didn't even taste that good. There was hardly any cake in it. So my dad came up with wonderful idea to make our FAVORITE cake recipe and turn it into an ice cream cake (well really, my mom made the cake part and my dad did the ice cream part - woot for team work!). After watching my dad make them when I was in high school, i took over making them for birthdays, except for when it's mine, then my parents makes it :) They always made the 9x13 cakes, but I like to do 2 flavors at times since there are some that don't like chocolate. Long story short, here is how you make this AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS  ice cream cake:

The night before I made the cakes and froze them, in fact, I couldn't get the chocolate one to come out of the pan, so in trying to get it out it all broke apart. No worries, you press all the broken cake back into your pan and freeze it overnight. Then the next morning, turn it upside down and drop it on your counter a couple of times and voila, you'll have the perfect base for your scrumptious cake pop out of the pan in one piece! 
Now for the ice cream part, I buy baskin robbins ice cream, because it is seriously wonderful, if you're making a 9 inch round you'll need 1 quart, if you're making a 9x13 cake you'll want 2 quarts. I bought a quart of mint chocolate chip and a quart of pralines'n'cream. To speed up the process I microwaved each quart for 30 seconds, or you can let them sit out for 20-30 minutes. I then scooped it onto the cakes (it doesn't have to look pretty, you'll smooth it out in a bit). Try to scoop it somewhat evenly, you don't want the whole quart on half the cake. Then you may need to pop it in the freezer for about 30 minutes to let it harden a bit more.
 When you pull it back out of the freezer slowly work the into an even layer. I kept dipping my knife in warm water to make it go faster. Plus the ice cream will stick to your knife or spreader, so you'll want to rinse it off a couple of times. Once you the layer of ice cream pretty much smooth, and evenly layered over the cake, pop it back into the freezer to harden again. (yes, this is a process)
 Now it's time for your "frosting" layer. I used about half a quart of vanilla ice cream for this part, and I bought a store brand of vanilla bean to cut down on cost. Again, I microwave the icecream for about 30 seconds to speed up the process. Then I put globs of it all over the top of the cake, I spread it a little bit, but normally have to freeze it for another 30-60 minutes before I can finish it because it will melt quickly.
 So after it sits a little while longer in the freezer, you'll pull it out again and keep smoothing the ice cream around until it looks good (it may take 10 minutes of smoothing). And voila! You have a Baskin Robbin's Ice Cream Cake that has your favorite flavors of cake and ice cream! BONUS: It only cost 15$ for 2 cakes!!! How can you beat that, it costs way more than that for 1 cake this size. Now go enjoy your hard work (really it was only about an hour of work to whip up the cake batter to throw in the oven, and spread ice cream in between freezing - you can do whatever you want while the cake part bakes and the ice cream freezes).
And for those crazy people that don't like ice cream (or those lactose intolerant like my hubby), you can whip up some tasty cupcakes!

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