Friday, April 19, 2013

Pick your plum goodies!!!

This week has been a little crazy. My kiddos have been getting into everything and making the biggest messes, I swear I've been cleaning constantly. Which is totally normal, but this week has been a little worse then normal. So it's been a little tiring, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Love my kids! They are so darn cute and make everything worthwhile. So anyways, after taking 5 kids aged 5,4,3,2 and 1 to costco yesterday (my mom came too, i'm not that crazy), I was definitely worn out, but when I pulled into my house and saw this BEAUTIFUL box sitting at my door i was ECSTATIC!!! I hurried and got the kids in the house, then tore the box open to see what goodies were inside!!! After going through all my loot I did finally get all the groceries out of the car.

I thought it would be fun to show all the goodies that were in the box! Below we have: square scallopped tin that would be cute as a picture frame, Flower silicone cups (I really wanted to buy them when they had them, but didn't so I was SO excited about these), 2 little wooden words that say believe and laugh, a super cute and funky metal flower hook, some "crocheted" looking headbands (will make a great baby shower gift), some cute bottle caps, blue and white striped little envelope things, some super cute wire headbands that I am IN LOVE with ( already wore one and LOVED it), some super cute bow scrunchies, a cute brown with white polka dots hanging pocket thing (I wanted to buy this when they had it last year and didnt, so I was stoked!), 2 packaged of cupcake lines (cute).....

.....a super cute little kids whisk and spatula set (again, wanted to buy these when they had them and didn't), some little pink sparkly boots (future baby shower gift), some red organza bags, black shirt (size small, so will definitely gift this), some purple ribbon that says "happy spring from Cassie" (love personalized stuff), two packs of tulle circles (these will be great for showers or parties), some fun vinyl colors, cute little party/snack cups, a funky hook thing, some little bubble chipboard things....

all of it out of the table...
lastly, this little packet was inside the box too and it had all the jewelry goodies, a bunch of earring and necklace accessories, it even had some cute little charms that I need to find a bracket for (I"m a sucker for charm bracelets), then some bobby pin blanks and mini cabochons that I was really excited about (wanted to buy these when they had them, but didn't). WHEW, that's all of it! Isn't that an AMAZING amount of goodies!!! I was pretty much in heaven going through it all, LOVE!

 Now, if you're wondering how on earth I got all this great stuff, it is a Pick Your Plum Grab Box, they list them every few months on their website on a Saturday morning (I set my alarm for 5:45am Saturday so I could grab one, I was so glad I did because they sold out in 5 minutes). They don't tell you about them until the day before they post them. You can find out on their facebook page the day before, and the last few times, they've listed it on their website with their Friday deal. They post a daily deal everyday, you should totally check them out, I absolutely love their stuff!


  1. I saw this posted on PYPs page ... I am looking for that hook with the circles that kind of looks like an anchor if you'd be up for swapping something else or selling it. (I hope this doesn't sound weird ... as we are total strangers!)
    My email is jmhfechter (at) cox (dot) net