Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Greenie Care Package!

 An awesome friend of mine left on her mission in February (if your wondering about the our church click here), and ever since she left I have been wanting to send her a "greenie" care package. I originally saw the idea here while looking on pinterest one day. Well I ran to the store yesterday morning and grabbed all of these "green" goodies.
 I tucked them all nicely in this box (while walking around the store I found quacker pop ems, quacker oatmeal, pizza flavored goldfish crackers, lifesavers mints, gogo squeez apple sauce, popcorn, sunflower seeds, mike and ikes, ring pops, fruit roll ups, keebler mint chocolate cookies and gum all in green packaging)!

 Then proceeded to write "greenie" all over the box, I only had one green marker that happened to be a fine point sharpee, so it took a while to write all over it.
But I'm sure she will love getting it, so it was totally worth it!!!

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