Thursday, August 16, 2012

Target Junkies!

Hey all you Target Junkies, here's some great sites that show some awesome free stuff and great deals at target this week:

Cheap Hefty Storage bag - gallon and quart size zipper bags

Free Nuetrogena Facial Wipes

Huge Savings Trip to Target - I seriously check out this site weekly, it's got some great deals!

Some other good deals at Target - If you go to and check out their coupons, they have:

1$ off one paper mate writing instrument - in their school section you can find a 10 pack of pens for 1$ - which makes it free with the coupon!

There's also a 50 cent's off one scotch magic tape - in the school section at target they have scotch tape for 1$ which makes it 50 cents!

There's also a danimals, 1$ off one coupon, my kids love these but I hate buying them unless they're on sale. A lot of times you can find 1$ off 2 danimals, then you could print 2 of the 1$ off 1 and get 1.50$ off each package.

Remember - you can use target and manufacturers coupons on the same item to get double the savings :) LOVE target!

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