Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Teacher Gift :)

After lots of thought about trying to come up with the perfect teacher gift for my son's preschool teacher I finally found it!!! I put together all the gifts I liked into one BIG gift :)
I got the idea HERE! Where you do one thing for every letter of the alphabet. Then I used several of the other cute ideas I saw as inspiration for the it! My sister and I went in on it since both of our kids go to pre-school together. It would be fun to do among several parents and come up with bigger stuff to do :)

Here's our ABC's (I got several of my ideas HERE):
A - Our teacher is AW-some! (A&W rootbeer)
B - Thanks for helping us BLOOM! (Burpee flower seeds)
C - With you as our teacher we'll be one smart cookie! (container of mini oreos)
D - DONUT you know you are the best teacher! (hostess donuts)
E - You are EXTRA special! (EXTRA Gum)
F - You are o'FISH'ally the best! (sweedish fish)
G - Thanks for helping us GROW! (mini plant kit)
H - Thanks for making our school year BRIGHT! (highlighters)
I - To break the ice with your new kids and keep you sweet! (Icebreakers gum)
J - Thanks for sparking our creative juices! (juice boxes)
K - Teachers cannot live on apples alone, they need hugs and kisses too! (Hershey's Kisses)
L - Thanks for all the laughs! (Left, Right, Center Game - found it at Target)
M - We've had MOUNDS of fun! (Mounds bar)
N - Take NOTE, you are our favorite teacher! (sticky notes)
O - Stay cool this summer! ("otter pops")
P - Roses are red, violets are blue, this pencil bouquet is just for you! (pencils)
Q - Dairy Queen needs no words :) (5$ gift card to DQ)
R - We just love you to pieces! (reese's pieces)
S - We SKORED have you as our teacher! (SKOR bar)
T - Teacher's Treats - to share or not to share (Turtles)
U - Don't U-NO you're wonderful?! (UNO game)
V - for future spills (Viva paper towels)
W - You have been just WRITE for our kids! (pens)
X - X-TRA Special Gift (10$ Subway Gift Card)
Y - You were MINT to teach! (York Peppermint Patty)
Z - Best Teacher "Bar None" (Zero Bar)

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