Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shamrock Hats

My little guys St. Patty's Day party for preschool is tomorrow, so I decided to make something that I saw on pinterest :) These cute little Leprechaun Hats, made out of glad-ware snack size containers. They were super easy, the thing that took the longest was letting the paint dry.
I filled each one with 8 rolo's instead of chocolate coins since it was a little cheaper. Plus, rolo's have caramel, so they taste better!! Made 10 of them, one for him and each of his class mates. I'm sure he'll be super excited to share them tomorrow!!!

I found a shamrock clip-art on Microsoft word and just cut them out! Easy peasy! I used tacky glue for the ribbon, shamrock and yellow square.

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! So fun. We'll see if I remember next year to do it!