Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I finally took a picture of something Valentine! Heart shaped pizza was our dinner last night :) What did you guys do?
On another note, I saw this cute idea on a blog last week! So I did it for my hubby and he thought it was super sweet!!! So glad I did time I"ll have to take a picture of it!

Lastly...I've been working on my craft room off and on the past month...okay, so i've spent probably about 3 days working on it in the last month, BUT it should be done today! Yipee!!! The hubby and I even hooked up the Silhouette last night that I won the first of December (yes, it's sad that it has taken this long). I would have done it sooner but this pregnancy has pretty much nipped my craftiness in the butt!
To give you an idea of how bad my craft room was here's a before of half the room...
...pretty scary! This is only have the room, I promise the rest looked just as bad! But tomorrow I'll post pictures of how it looks now :) Such a happy craft space now! So excited!!!

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  1. I'm so jealous of your Silhouette! Not sure why, but still... I can't wait to see your craft room in all it's loveliness! I know what you mean about pregnancy kicking your craftiness out. It sure did that to me!