Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am super excited about my advent calendar...I was a sucker and ordered one on ebay because I didn't want one as big as the pattern I found on the site that I mentioned in the last post. So in the advent calendar, I plan on putting two little pieces of candy each day and a little piece of laminated paper with one of the below activities. I can't wait till Thursday to start!!!
-make homemade caramel
-make a candy train
-go see Santa Claus
-have a picnic by the Christmas Tree
-Red/Green night - only serve food in these colors for a night
-decorate the Christmas Tree
-make a Gingerbread house
-drive around looking at Christmas Lights
-wrap Christmas presents
-go Christmas Caroling - then go home for yummy cookies and hot cocoa
-make Christmas Cards
-write a letter to Santa
-make candy molds
-make a paper chain
-make footprint snowmen
-string popcorn
-PJ night! everybody get a new pair of PJ's
-host or go to a kids Christmas party
-make snowmen out of marshmallows
-make caramel corn and watch a Christmas movie
-Read some fun Christmas books
-make snowmen pancakes
-take a meal to a family who's sick or needy
-make a Christmas gift for someone else
-make edible snowflakes
-make snowflakes out of paper to hang
-make sugar cone trees
-make Christmas cookies
-read the Christmas story
-make pine cone ornaments
-make Christmas Pizzas
These are all just ideas, we aren't doing all of them, but definitely most of them! Most of them are free and a few cost a small amount of money. Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season!!!

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