Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chocolate Roses :)

I wrapped them in 3 and 6 stem bunches! They'll be so fun to hand out for Valentines Day, who wouldn't love some chocolate roses! They're cheaper than real roses AND you can eat them! Yum!!!

Here's a close up of the rose bud (two kises with the bottoms touching, wrapped in red cellophane, then I used green floral tape to wrap it onto a wooden kabob skewer thing).

I wrapped the stems in white tulle because I have over 100 yards of it and am trying to come up with ways of using it :)

Click Here for the tutorial that I used to make them, they were super easy, and turned out so cute!


  1. Those turned out so great! Do you think these would be too grown up/girly for a classroom of kindergarteners? Clark's class is trading valentines. :) Loved your use of toole too!

  2. You could totally do it for kindergartners! Thanks :)